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Printback Files

​Please retrieve your PDF files using the "GetPrintBack.exe" icon on your desktop.  This replaces the older method of retrieving files directly on our website.  Our IT consultants have advised us to discontinue this older method due to potential security risks online.

  • Access PrintBack files from your desktop
  • Provides a more secure, encrypted method for file download
  • Save files to selected folder for future access

Our new GetPrintBack program uses the latest encryption methods to ensure your data is secure.  Your PDF files are not available directly on our website, reducing the chance of exposure.

The GetPrintBack program allows you to download PDF files directly to a folder of your choice.  You can place the files on your computer or on a shared server.  If you do not already have this GetPrintBack program, please download from the link below:

Please call us at 925-945-1660 if you have any questions.