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statutory employees and statutory non-employees

Statutory Employees VS Statutory Non-employees: Know the Difference?

​Statutory Employees ​vs. ​Statutory Non-Employees?: Know the Difference​In the workforce, classifications are important — especially when it comes to taxes. But not all classifications are easily identified. For instance, as an employer you may be wondering ​​how to identify statutory employees ​vs statutory non-employees. ​ Unfortunately, the ​distinction is not always clear. ​But knowing the what […]

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California Minimum wages 2019

California Minimum Wage 2019

California Minimum Wage and Employment Law Changes for 2019As usual, the California legislature and various city councils had a busy year regulating the world’s fifth largest economy. Included below are both state and city minimum wage increases as well as summaries of the laws that impact the human resources function. Beginning January 1, 2019, the […]

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attract quality referrals online and by social media

Attract quality referrals online and by social media

Attract quality Referrals online and by  Social MediaIn today’s internet reliant world, business need to attract quality referrals online and by social media in order to thrive. This article covers the basics of how you can transform online hits and social media likes into clients. 2 Minutes ReadUnfortunately, not all social media likes and visits to […]

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barbershop, beauty industry, payroll services for the beauty industry

Payroll Service for the Beauty Industry Guide

PAYROLL SERVICES FOR THE BEAUTY INDUSTRYThis comprehensive guide to payroll services for the beauty industry is designed to help owners of barbershops, nail studios, hair salons, spas and massage parlors understand the ins-and-outs of payroll​ requirements.Additionally, you can also turn to this guide for insights on setting up payroll services for small businesses for the […]

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tax-effective retirement strategies

4 Tax-Effective Retirement Strategies

4 Tax-Effective Retirement Strategies These tax-effective retirement strategies can keep your taxes in check as you start another chapter of your life. Read on for a look at how you can manage just how much of your retirement income is taxed.2 Minute ReadRetirement is an exciting time. If you don’t understand the principles behind taxable income […]

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