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Retirement plans

Best Alternatives to 401(k)

Retirement Plans: Best Alternatives to a 401(k)In most companies, the standard and most common of all retirement plans is the 401(k) Plan. But not every company, especially small companies, freelancers and self employed persons have access or the resources to offer a 401(k) plan. In fact, statistics show that 31% of the US households do not […]

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Employee Details

Completing Form W-2 & Box 12 Codes

Completing Form W-2 and Box 12 CodesThis article focuses on completing form W-2 and box 12 codes. Preparing W-2 forms for filing with the Social Security Administration can be tricky. This article will help:Employer seeking to fill out the forms correctly.Employee needing further information on how to fill their income tax forms (1040 tax returns) Completing […]

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1099 Filing Services by AccuPay. payroll tax filing

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Employee Vs Independent ContractorThe difference between an employee vs independent contractor can be confusing. It is important for business owners to know if the people providing services are employees or independent contractors (also referred to as self-employed). This is because businesses have to withhold income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare from employee’s checks.  They also […]

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California sick leave families

California Paid Sick Leave Act of 2014

California Paid Sick Leave Act of 2014Hopefully you are aware that California recently passed a law mandating that all employers offer paid sick leave to employees. AccuPay is here to help.Entitlement An employee who, on or after July 1, 2015, works in California for 30 or more days within a year from the beginning of […]

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IRS 1099 Compliance Enforcement Heats Up

IRS 1099 filing Compliance and the eminent pitfallsIn 2010, the IRS took an aggressive step to ratchet up its ability to enforce business compliance with annual 1099 income reporting regulations. Today I will discuss form 1099-Misc and these enforcement changes. I will also share the potential consequences for not filing these annual reports and how […]

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