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November 18, 2018

Attract quality referrals online and by social media

How to attract quality referrals online and by social media

In today's internet reliant world, business need to attract quality referrals online and by social media in order to thrive. This article covers the basics of how you can transform online hits and social media likes into clients. 

Unfortunately, not all social media likes and visits to your website are created equal. 

You can't turn every person who interacts with your business online into a customer. On the other hand, with a firm understanding of how to attract quality referrals online and by social media, you can turn a greater percentage of those hits into customers. 

Here are a few tips on how:

Develop useful blog content

Are you guilty of churning out content on your blog without giving much thought to how readers can apply that information? 

Well, this is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make online.

Sometimes, turning a web visitor into a customer is all about marketing. 

If you're looking at ways to attract quality referrals online and by social media, you want to make sure your online content is not only relevant, but also proposes a solution to a problem your clients or potential clients might have. 

In other words, use blogs posts to do more than just inform. Think about common problems your target customers have and propose a solution to that problem. 

More importantly, present your business or service as one of the more simplistic options available to solve the problem. 

Make reviews visible

Online reviews are among the best ways to win over new clients. Hearing what other people think of a product or service plays a key role in help us decide if that product or service is right for us.  

So you want to make sure that costumers who give good reviews are doing so on well-known, highly visibile sites and social media pages. 

Some good review sites to recommend to clients include: yelp, facebook reviews, and google to name a few. 

Likewise, don't overlook the importance of regularly asking happy customers to leave reviews. This is another important part of how to attract referrals online and by social media. 

In fact, each time you successfully complete a job or fill an order make a habit to ask your customers to give an online review. You can even do this through an automatic email list. 

Additionally, highlight some of your best customer reviews or testimonials on your website. And display those testimonials in an area on of your website that's highly visible. 

Ask your clients for referrals! 

Want to know how to ask your clients for good referrals? Check out our blog post

Know where to find your audience

Attract quality referrals and online and by social media

Let's be honest. Managing social media takes a lot of time. 

A guest article written by Spela Grasic of Cheeky Monkey Media estimates that driving up quality referral traffic is all about optimizing social media pages — a process that can take up to 10 hours a week! 

That's time that most business owners don't have. 

But you have other options. One option is to spend more time optimizing the social media page where your target audience spends most of their time.

For example, if your target market happens to be industry executives, prioritize optimizing your LinkedIn page. 

But what if your target customers are younger? 

Then, ideally, you should spend more time optimizing your pages on Facebook and Twitter.  

Following these three tips alone can attract quality referrals online and by social media to your business and help you build a bigger customer base. 

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