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August 8, 2018

4 Innovative Ways to Stay Visible to Your Clients Year Round

4 innovative ways to stay visible to your clients year-round

Are you looking for innovative ways to stay visible to your clients year round but aren't sure where to start? If so, you may want to take a peek at this article for tips and tricks on how to keep your business relevant all year, even if you only provide a seasonal service.  Keep your customers coming back and your company thriving by following some of these recommendations. 

Whether you regularly offer a product or service or your company specalizes in a seasonal service, it's imperative that you find ways to stay visible to your clients year round. 

Of course, your first aim should always be to let the quality of your work speak for itself. But that's not always enough to keep customers coming back. 

So, how do you keep your product or service in the back of a customer's mind continually? 

Here's a look at 4 innovative ways to stay visible to your clients year round. 

1. Develop relationships that go beyond work

We all love people who come off as personable. Those types of individuals tend to stick out in our minds. We enjoy the company of those that show a genuine interest in us. 

So, work on getting to know your clients beyond the scope of your work. 

The next time you conference call or meet, start by asking your client about their family, their personal interests, etc. and use that information to your advantage. 

You can call customers up every once in a while just to check on them or invite them out to lunch just to catch up. 

2. Show interest in THEIR  work

One of the best ways to stay visible to your clients year round is to show an authentic interest in the work they do. 

If they have a business that offers a product or service you could really benefit from, become one of their clients. 

If not, offer to help them by sending quality leads their way or introducing them to your social network of other professionals that can grow their business. We generally never forget the people that go out of their way to help us, and that impact can become a reoccurring customer. 

3. Take the "Thank You" Card one step further

A big mistake that a lot of businesses make is overlooking just how meaningful a personal gesture can be. 

If you've recently completed work for a client, especially right after tax season, think about sending them a good old-fashioned thank you card with a personal message on the inside.

You can even take the card one step further by sending out a small, personalized gift to show your appreciation for their business. If they mentioned that they like a particular kind of muffin, for example, send them a small basket of those muffins. 

These types of gestures really go a long way to remind others about the value your business can bring. 

4. Stay connected

If you're really curious about the ways to stay visible to your clients year round, one of the things you want to master is finding innovate methods to engage your clients. 

Here are a few ideas you can implement: 

  • Start a weekly or monthly newsletter 
  • Implement a client survey after the completion of each project; respond, and adjust, to negative feedback 
  • Interact with customers and other businesses on social media

While any business can benefit from this sort of strategy, businesses that rely on mostly seasonal clientele (like CPA firms that specialize in tax filing) can find this process especially rewarding. 

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