AccuPay Bulletins

AccuPay bulletins are an easy way to summarize quarterly updates and make them easy for you to print and refer to when the need arises.  Please take the time to read the current issue to stay informed of important deadlines and news.

​​December 2017 Bulletin

Bulletin Highlights

  • ​Q4 payroll & 1099 processing begins January 2nd
  • ​New state requirement to e-file all forms
  • 1099 PDF proformas available on Printback
  • ​ACA filing service available

Previous AccuPay Bulletins

We maintain a full rolling year's worth of bulletins. Below you will find additional bulletins for the previous 3 quarters.

​October 2017 Bulletin

​June 2017 Bulletin

  March 2017 Bulletin

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