Features and benefits

Features & Benefits


Our affordable online payroll solutions provide a cost-effective service with all features included.

You can process payroll in 3 simple clicks, process payroll anytime, anywhere and with user access 24/7, not to mention the ability to integrate HR functions, manage pay-as-you-go workers and generate compliance reports.

Easy Payroll Processing

  • Process payroll in 3 simple clicks
  • Perform on-screen custom deductions or withholding edits.
  • Do you have your own time keeping system? You can import various file types into our payroll system easily.

Employer Advantages

  • Process payroll anytime, anywhere
  • Manage all your data online 24/7
  • Print reports and pay stubs any time
  • Push announcements to employees' dashboards

Employee Self Service

  • Employees can update their demographic information on their own.
  • View pay stubs and W2s online.
  • Check PTO balances and request time off
  • Send and view messages from the employer.

Agency Management

  • We manage your Pay-As-You-Go workers comp, including audits
  • Health insurance withholding and payments to the insurance company
  • We send garnishments to the respective agencies
  • We remit your retirement plan contributions

Beautiful Reports

  • Produce your own beautiful custom reports easily
  • Choose your own parameters for your reports
  • Export your reports to different formats easily
  • Restrict certain reports based on your users’ access levels

Integrated HR

  • Enjoy our FREE built in HR management features
  • Enjoy unlimited Key Data Elements such as benefits providers, benefit plans, company assets, employee skills & certifications and org positions
  • Automatically link payroll deductions and benefits to employees

ACA Reporting

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance tools are built into our payroll platform. You can now perform tests (calculations) and generate compliance reports. Therefore you have peace of mind when using our our platform to process your company's payroll..

We help CPA firms and Accountants provide easy and affordable payroll processing with our web-based platform.