Payroll Setup Forms

New Clients 

Please submit the following forms:

  1. Payroll Service Agreement
  2. Company Setup Form
  3. Employee Setup Form
  4. Form 8655 (IRS Authorization to efile and epay) - Submit via email
  5. Signature Card - Submit via email
  6. Payroll registers by quarter for this year shown by employee - (Upload to our secure portal)
  7. All the Year-To-Date quarterly payroll returns for this year - (Upload to our secure portal)

Optional forms (if applicable)

  1. Contractor Setup Form  (for employers with independent contractors also known as 1099s)
  2. Direct Deposit Form (to change or add new bank account)

Existing Clients Adding New Workers 

To add a new employee or contractor, submit either one of these:

  1. Employee Setup Form
  2. Contractor Setup Form is applicable
  3. Timekeeping Questionnaire (if you'd like timekeeping to be setup)

Employee Setup Form Notes

Acceptable alternatives to a voided check

  1. Log into bank and search "Direct Deposit". A form should come up filed with your banking details. If no form comes filled in with bank info, go to #2
  2. While logged into bank, take a screenshot of the bank account details (including the routing number)
  3. Get bank statement and crop the top portion showing the account details.

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