Payroll for Accountants

Online Payroll Processing for Accountants

Payroll for Accountants

AccuPay has the perfect payroll for accountants. Payroll professionals finally have an affordable option to provide comprehensive online payroll services to their business clients.

When AccuPay was founded in the 1980s, it's model was mainly to serve accounting professionals and CPA firms., Today we are the largest provider for payroll tax filing for CPA firms. In addition, our full service payroll services are utilized by accounting professionals across the country.

We have successfully built and nurtured mutually beneficial relationships with over 500 CPA firms and other professional organizations who use AccuPay for their clients' payroll needs.  

Why Online Payroll for Accountants?

​Payroll processing needs for accountants and other payroll professionals who process payroll for multiple employers are slightly different from those of employers with only one company. Accountants need single sign-on from which to access all their clients.

Additionally, the ability to manage their clients and run reports is critical to make their experience smooth. For this reason we created special features in our online payroll for accountants. 

Our web-based payroll processing platform is designed to offer a smooth user experience in payroll processing. It has a user friendly interface and intuitive process and beautiful reports. Whether you have 5 or 100 clients, our platform will certainly delight you and your clients alike.

How Does it Work?

The payroll processing business for most accountants and CPA firms is either a CORE offering or non-core (complementary) to the accounting services being offered to their clients.

Payroll as a Core Offering

  • We provide your with a platform, branded with your logo and color schemes (if interested) on which to serve your clients.
  • You process payroll based on yo​ur clients pre-determined scheduleS. You print and distribute checks.
  • AccuPay processes direct deposits, tax payments and tax filing. AccuPay can print and mail checks too.
  • Special pricing available if AccuPay bills your firm instead of the employer

Payroll as a Non-core Offering

  • We provide a platform to your clients, give you single sign-on access to process payroll for those clients payroll reports and print reports.
  • Either the client, yourself or AccuPay processes payroll based on the employers' pre-determined schedule.
  • AccuPay handles direct deposits, tax payments and tax filing. AccuPay can print and mail checks too.
  • For each company you refer to AccuPay, we pay you a cash referral fee.
  • Your clients are billed at our low rates available here.

What are the Benefits of Partnering With AccuPay?

  • All in the cloud. Work from anywhere, any time.
  • Very easy payroll platform but get as much training as you wish
  • Best-in-class technology and solutions for payroll and HR
  • Dedicated one-on-one support. No long phone queues and menus
  • Customize with your logo and colors if interested
  • Single sign-on to access all your clients data
  • One-on-one training for as long as necessary
  • Training resources and reference materials for self paced learning
  • Marketing materials and sales support from AccuPay
  • Direct deposit, tax payments and tax filing included FREE
  • Give your employees access to a select number of customers

  Benefits Snapshot

  • 3 - Click payroll processing
  • Human Resource
  • Affordable Care Act compliance
  • Employee self service
  • Employer administration
  • Agency management
  • Comprehensive reporting
On July 21st, 2015 a CPA firm from San Francisco with 27 payroll clients switched to AccuPay from Paychex for several very important reasons. Would you like to find out?

One of our honest payroll conversion specialists will get in touch to schedule a no-obligation demo and to hear you out.

If you are interested in our comprehensive online payroll for accountants please contact us right away to tailor the service to meet your exact needs.