Online Payroll

Why Our Online Payroll

​We believe in providing an affordable online payroll with all features included. We do not hold back any features or charge extra just so you can enjoy them. A great payroll platform does not have to be costly.

Our philosophy is to be fair to all our clients and give them everything we have without scheming them. Our online payroll services cost about half what the national service bureaus charge. Interestingly, we still beat them on customer service and ease of use.

Easy Payroll Processing

Our online payroll platform is designed to be easy. We have different levels of payroll processing depending on complexity. For the easy payroll, 3 clicks is all that is needed.

You can also process payroll in a custom environment. Edit deductions and tax withholding as needed.

Do you have your own time keeping system? You can import various file types into our payroll system easily

Online payroll for CPA Firms and Small businesses

Employee Self Service

Our online payroll system allows your employees to update their demographic information on their own. It also allows them to view and their pay stubs and their W2s. They can also view their PTO balances, request time off and view messages from the employer.

Employer Advantages

You have the liberty to print your employees' pay stubs or give them access to do it on their own. We provide all the back office stuff such as direct deposit processing, tax payments and tax filing. With our online payroll platform you can process payroll anywhere at anytime.

ACA Reporting

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance tools are built into our payroll platform. You can now perform tests (calculations) and generate compliance reports. Therefore you have peace of mind when using our our platform to process your company's payroll..

Agency Management

We provide a complete suite of ancillary services  at NO additional charge. EVER!

We process your Pay-As-You-Go workers comp and upload data for you, pay your health insurance withholding, send garnishments to the respective agencies and even remit your retirement plan contributions.

Beautiful Reports

Have you ever wanted to create your own reports without the complications?

Well, our system has a ton of templates for any kind of report you can imagine. It allows you to select your own parameters to generate your report. Also these reports are only accessible by those given the privilege.

Integrated HR

Our HR features are built in - not a third party application integrated with our platform.

Our HR solution allows for unlimited Key Data Elements such as benefits providers, benefit plans, company assets, employee skills & certifications and org positions. It also allows auto linking of payroll deductions and benefits.

So why AccuPay?

Nobody would appreciate buying a car that has no steering wheel or a bicycle with only one wheel! In the same manner no business owner or accountant should pay for a software and have some of the features withheld. To make it worse, they should not be forced to pay extra to have access to those features!

At AccuPay, we will stand by our philosophy of giving our clients access to all payroll features. We shall also continue adding new ones and improving our platform within short development cycles. This is only possible due to our size and agility and the fact that our system is built for scalability from the ground up!

When you decide to check us out, you will find that we offer very affordable payroll with all features included without paying additional fees. Just to be sure, bring us a quote from ADP or Paychex. In comparison, our fees will be just about half yet we have the same features or even more.

We help CPA firms and Accountants provide easy and affordable payroll processing with our web-based platform.