Payroll Filing & 1099 Services

Payroll Filing & 1099 Services

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​Payroll Filing

​File your Federal and California payroll taxes easily and affordably using our FREE WinRX software​.

​1099 Filing Services

​​Use our WinRX software to affordably process your 1099s. Ask us about large files.

​WinRX Software

​WinRX is our FREE desktop payroll and 1099 filing software. It automatically comes with printback software.

​Payroll Corrections

We correct payroll tax returns throughout the year. Even those originally not prepared using our services.

​ACA Reporting

​​We help companies across the country stay compliant by filing their ACA forms affordably and electronically.


​We produce quarterly bulletins to get our clients up to date with payroll tax and 1099 filing services news and updates.

​Important links

​​AccuPay has put together a list of websites we believe are useful to our clients. They include both Federal and California

Tax Filing & 1099 Pricing

​Looking for our prices for our tax filing and 1099 services? We have a downloadable .pdf on this page with explanations.