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1099 Filing Services

We provide simple 1099 filing services for all businesses, from small firms to large multinationals.

The 1099 form is issued for payments other than salaries and wages. Simply fill in the data sheets we have designed and then send to us to process.

We also identify corrections and produce “Red” copies to file by mail too. 

Why work with us?

Our 1099 filing services have consistently helped businesses of all sizes and we have many repeat clients who come back to us year after year.

The process is very simple and easy for any business to follow. Simply send us your data via WinRX, Data Sheets, or Excel Spreadsheet, and we’ll produce the forms, provide e-filing, and mail payee copies (if requested).

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Download WinRX (FREE)

After your account is set up, download our easy to use FREE proprietary software to input your data.

If your data is in a spreadsheet, you have the option to send it to us for processing.


Transmit Data 

Transmit data to AccuPay's servers for processing. Your returns are ready to print in just a few minutes.

Security, confidentiality and help are top priorities. We pick up your phone call.


Review Forms / E-file

Choose to print locally or use our print and ship service. Review file for accuracy, prior to our e-filing.

Your data is proformaed for next filing season so you don't have to re-enter everything.

Can over 700 CPA firms and Accountants be wrong?

Partnering with AccuPay has some serious benefits. If you are not one of our esteemed partners you might be missing out on what you don't know.

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