Payroll Tax Filing

We provide accountants and CPA firms affordable payroll tax filing solutions

Payroll Tax Filing

Payroll tax filing, or as After-the-Fact Payroll tax filing, is when businesses need to file their employment tax returns such as quarterly 941s, state DE9/9C, and annual W2s. Our services assist CPA firms and payroll professionals who use calculation methods or software, which does not have filing capabilities, to accurately and efficiently file the required documents.

We have been providing payroll tax filing services since we launched AccuPay in the 1980s. Over 30 years later, our client base has evolved from our initial customers consisting of CPA firms and small payroll bureaus.

We are a trusted supplier to thousands of businesses. If you process payroll in-house and need to file payroll taxes, we would love to help. We file all the necessary quarterly and annual returns.

We also process 1099s and 1098s. If you would like to switch to full service payroll which includes tax filing, please call us for more information.

​Give us a call 925 945-1660 if you have any questions.

Forms We Process

  • Quarterly and Year End Reports, including W-2s
  • Federal Reports: 940, 941, 943, 944, 945, W-2s and W-3s
  • Household Employer forms, including 1040 Schedule H
  • Full California quarterly and annual reports
  • Electronic W-2 and DE9/DE9C filing
  • Corrected Returns for W-2s, 941 and DE9/DE9C

Payroll Filing Manual

This guide contains detailed data sheet instructions for AccuPay’s After-the-Fact Payroll System.

  • ​Billing Policy & Processing Schedules
  • ​How to Process Returns
  • ​Print Back Service
  • ​How to Use Data Sheets


Payroll Corrections

Corrections can be made up to 3 years prior to current year. We process correction forms:

  • ​951X
  • ​943X
  • ​W-2c/W-3c
  • ​DE-9ADJ

Please follow the instructions and the fax the Transmittal below to make corrections