Services: Payroll & Tax Services

Today’s evolving workforce requires self-service actions for managing compensation and quickly accessing pay.

Service Options

Option 1 - Fully Automated 

Automated payroll processing for simple always the same hours or salaries. Suitable for smaller firms.

Option 2 - Assisted Self-Service

Self-serve payroll processing. This is suitable for those who want to, and have the time and know-how to do it. You still get unlimited training and support.

Option 3 - Fully Outsourced

Outsourced to AccuPay. You send your timesheets, and we process for you. Review your reports at your own pleasure.

Win with AccuPay

With isolved Payroll, process payroll in a few clicks and reduce the burden of keeping up with employment tax rates, calculating liabilities, creating and accessing reports, and making payments.

isolved Payroll customizes your employee experience and enables self-service onboarding, changes to direct deposit and personal information, tax filing and more.

Remain Agile as Your Workforce Evolves

Automate direct deposit management, pay cards, and on-demand earned wage access to employees across varying classification categories, locations and lifestyle preferences.

Automate Tax Filing & Compliance

Ease your administrative burden by enabling isolved Payroll for automatic tax calculation, filing, and payments with agencies. Gain eligible tax credits and reduce the risk of penalties for inaccurate payments.

Gain Valuable Operational Insights

Leverage integrated reports on cash requirements, historical payroll data, W-2 notification, and tax deposit notices—enabling operational efficiencies and costs savings.

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