Frequently Asked Questions

​Frequently Asked Questions

​The following are the most frequently asked questions about our full service payroll. Please review and let us know if you have additional questions.

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We are humble and flexible enough to serve very small employers and capable to meet the demands of large companies with up to 20,000 employees. 

We provide the same extra services as you would get from ADP or Paychex at much lower fees and better customer services.

Additionally, we stand out well above all others by how well we listen to you, how efficiently and how timely we serve you.

When you become our client, you have 100 days money-back guarantee for all processing fees. We believe that our service is the key to the reason we have had to honor this only 1 time since 2015 when we started the 100 days money-back guarantee. We will also help you with everything you need to set up service with any company of your choice.

If you need help at any given time (business hours), please call us at (949) 202-0078 and we will help you.

All AccuPay clients, regardless of size, receive free unlimited help or training. We are an extension of your business in terms of payroll processing.

Nope. Our fees are generally very low, and since we have to set up your payroll account, we do not have a free trial but we give you 100 days money back guarantee. Free trials are offered to “get you in” and once you are in, getting out becomes very hard.

These and a few others are just so large that they don’t get to know you and your business intimately. We have the same capabilities but our prices are much lower and we have superior customer service. See what our clients say.

Yes. We also provide all other services such as tax payments and tax filing, direct deposit (or live checks), etc just like regular employers.

Canceling your account is easy. You either call or email us and we will cancel your account. No obligation. We will need to know if you are closing shop (so we can pay and file all taxes, including year-end and W2s) or moving to another service so we can terminate your service including tax services and filing).

Nothing. We make your account inactive, terminate online access and keep your data safe. If you ever come back, we activate your account, update your payroll history (if necessary) and employees and carry on serving you.

a.       Pay-as you go Workers comp through our 20+ partners

b.       Retirement plans such as 401(k), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401(k), etc. See this page.

c.        Health insurance – medical, dental, vision etc through our partners

d.       Timekeeping – biometric, proximity cards, web-based etc