Workers Compensation via eComp

Pay-as-you-go or Traditional Workers Comp Policy

What is Workers Comp?

Workers compensation provides wages and medical benefits in case of an on-the-job injury. In exchange, the employee gives up his or her right to sue the employer for compensation.

We provide Pay As You Go Workers Compensation plans where you pay the premium based on your payroll run rather than deposits or upfront payments.

Most states mandate employers to carry workers comp insurance coverage because it protects the employer from potential lawsuits by employees.

Most importantly it also protects employees from abusive employers (companies who fail to provide the right tools and good working conditions for their employees).

Workers Comp Insurance Providers 

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How Do We Comply?

If you are wondering how you can comply without spending an arm and a leg, there is great news. Technological advances and the evolution of the industry provides easy to follow means of compliance. Additionally, AccuPay can certainly help. We have all the technology and tools in place to serve our clients.

We partner with E-Comp to provide workers comp and liability insurance coverage to our clients. E-Comp provides a cutting edge platform that allows our clients to receive free comparative quotes from multiple insurance carriers.

We have top tier insurance carriers through E-Comp (see bottom of this page). Consequently, our clients receive very competitive rates and unparalleled customer service.

Once signed up, we take care of everything else, including submitting payroll data to E-Comp. E-Comp computes the actual premium amounts, sends you a notification including the withdrawal date. Then on the specified date, the premium amount is withdrawn from your bank account.

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How is PAY AS YOU GO Different?

Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the kind of Workers Comp plan that allows you to pay the exact amount of workers compensation premium based on your payroll actual payroll amounts after every pay run.

Therefore, PAYG Workers Comp is different and better than the traditional plan since there is no deposit or down payment.

What does that mean?

Well, your premium is calculated on actual payroll hence making audits are also extremely simplified (almost non-existent). Consequently, PAYG saves everyone involved valuable time and money!

Want to learn a little more? See the chart below for a comparison between traditional and PAYG.

Traditional Workers Comp

Pay-As-You-Go Workers Comp

Deposit/Down Payment

The employer is subject to a minimum of 10-25% of the annual estimated premium

PAYG does not require a deposit or down payment


The annual premium is estimated based on projected payroll for the entire year

Premium is actual. It is calculated on payroll at each pay period and payments made by E-COMP


Traditional workers comp requires actual on site audit (or sending actual reports), documentation and possibly additional premiums could be either due or refunded

Audits are handled internally in most cases. No additional paperwork is needed and there is very minimal adjustments, if any

Why Workers Comp through AccuPay

Working with us for your workers comp needs provides you with pricing across multiple carriers. Therefore, you the customer gets:

  • Competitive pricing. Our experienced staff quotes you with all partner insurance companies
  • Ability to re-market within the ever-changing Workers Compensation marketplace
  • Unprecedented industry knowledge consolidated from multiple insurance companies

PAYG Policy Advantages

  • No large premium down payments
  • Competitive insurance rates
  • Eliminates year-end audit adjustments
  • Premium is calculated on actual payroll
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Efficient online audit and premium reports, saving you time
  • No monthly billing or finance fees

Why E-Comp

  • Competitive insurance rates
  • Access to multiple carriers
  • No deposit or down payment
  • Premium calculated on actual payroll, not estimated
  • Simplified audit process with minimal adjustments
  • Great customer service
  • Automated submission and reporting process through AccuPay

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