Payroll Corrections

Payroll Tax Return Corrections

Payroll Tax Return Corrections for CPA firms

We have been dealing with employers trying to make payroll tax return corrections. We can therefore easily attest to how frustrating it is to do this on your own if you do not have the right tools. Furthermore it can also be costly and time consuming unless done right.

We have done this for many years, therefore allow us to help you and give your life back to you. Our services are very affordable and quick. We won't keep you waiting too long. 

The big payroll bureaus such as ADP and Paychex charge up to $600.00 for payroll corrections. On the contrary we charge only $20.00 per return.

Any changes to a payroll report after it has been filed with the IRS, Social Security Administration, or your state agency requires a correction.  The common term for this payroll return correction is amending of tax returns.

Corrections for returns previously filed by Accupay

We can prepare the following CORRECTED tax returns and forms if the original return was processed through AccuPay’s Payroll System:

  • W-3c and W-2c to correct W-2 Wage and Tax Statements
  • 941X to correct Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Tax Return
  • 944X to correct Form 944, Employer’s Annual Tax Return
  • 943X to correct Form 943, Agricultural Employer’s Tax Return
  • DE-9ADJ to correct California Form DE-9/9C


  1. Complete a Correction Transmittal (see link to the right). This form provides additional information required to produce Corrected Returns.
  2. ​ Make your changes on the ORIGINAL REPORT (W-2, DE-9/9C, 941, 944, or 943)
  3.  Submit the Transmittal and the Original Reports with the changes to AccuPay (FAX # 925-945-6544).
  4. For additional information and examples, please click "Corrections Instructions" to the right.

Need a few questions answered?

Corrections Forms

Corrections can be made up to 3 years prior to current year.

Please follow the instructions and fax the Transmittal below to make corrections.