Employee Training

Employee Access and Pay Stubs

This page contains posts that will help employees whose employers use AccuPay's complete payroll and HR solutions.

​LogIn Page

​Go to www.accupaysystems.com and click on Payroll Login on the top right corner. Type in your username and password. If you do not have your password, click "Forgot Your Password" at the bottom of the screen and enter your email.

The default secret question is "Your Dog's Name" and the answer is "Tommy".  Make sure you change it once you are logged in.

​Your Landing Page

​When you are logged in, you land on a screen that looks like the image below. Please take some time to review what each section allows you to do or view.

How To Update Your Information

Under your "profile Information, you will be able to change your username and password, your address and security question and answer. Please keep this information secure. If your phone number is not updated, you will prompted to do so.

Make sure your email address is up to date too. In the event you forget your password, you will need your username, security question and answer. Your password will be emailed to the email address on file.

Pay Stubs and other Documents

When you log in to the employee payroll portal, your landing page is going to look something similar to the image below. Please change your password right away and also update your profile.

Most important on your profile is your security question which you will need to reset your password if the need arises.

Your Pay Checks, DD Advises and Tax Documents

You will find your pay stubs and W-2s (after year end) under "Payroll History". Pay checks and Direct Deposit (DD) will be displayed under different options. Be sure to select the relevant option from the drop down menu.

You can print your pay stubs or W-2 by clicking the printer icon to the right of your documents.