​WinRX Software

WinRX is our FREE proprietary Windows desktop application for transmitting payroll tax returns and 1099 informational returns. Before downloading WinRX, you must be signed up, issued with an account number and download password.

WinRX users never have to re-enter employee and 1099 payee basic information. We upload proformaed data every new period to make data entry easy and quick.

​Why WinRX

  • Free to download and use
  • Automatic 10% discount for using WinRX as opposed to faxing your datasheets
  • Fast turn-around: 1-2 hours using Expedite PrintBack service
  • Profomaed employee and 1099 payee information from previous period

Desktop Printback - Included with WinRX

  • Access PrintBack files from your desktop
  • Provides a more secure, encrypted method for file download
  • Save files to selected folder for future access

Dear AccuPay,

I wanted to let you know that I am really liking the new Win RX-NG software. I started using it for my client after-the-fact payrolls in the 2nd Quarter of 2015 and the process went very smoothly. And here's why:

  • The Employer Information screens are less cluttered, and the work flow from screen to screen is very easy and makes sense. The Employee screens show prior quarter data right next to where you enter the current quarter, which I appreciate very much. And the PrintBack shortcut takes you directly to the list of PDFs that are ready to download.
  • The Print Preview screen is way easier to read than the old one, since it's in the format of a series printed pages. No scrolling left to right to view all data.

The new software is a great improvement over the old WinRX; it's cleaner and less cumbersome; I'm very happy with it. Great job!

Jackie Montgomery Bookkeeping

​WinRX Setup Instructions

The downloadable instructions below are very useful and informative for your successful installation and use of our software.

Single PC Setup

These instructions are for a set up which involves only a single computer. No data is shared between computers.

Network Setup

These instructions are for a set up which involves multiple computers within a company's network.

How to Use WinRX

While most features are self explanatory, these instructions will help increase your efficiency.


-Use Desktop Printback to retrieve PDF files

-Save on shipping costs and time by printing your returns in your office. 

-Call us to mark Printback as your default shipping method for your account.​


1. $2.10: Expedited (1 to 2 Hrs)​

2. $1.10: Next day 8:00 am​