Affordable Full-Service Payroll Proudly brought to you by AccuPay

Affordable full-service payroll for small businesses is our specialty. We serve small and large businesses, CPA firms and insurance brokers. We have everything related to payroll that a business needs to run smoothly.

Excellent customer service in our DNA since 1992

Affordable Full-Service Payroll

We support your small business growth efforts with more than just payroll services

We offer more than just affordable full-service payroll processing and everything a small business needs to succeed. Most of these extra services are free. If not free they are still very affordable compared to the offerings by large payroll bureaus.

Modern Payroll Services

We provide affordable payroll services to small businesses and CPA firms. 

In addition, we have either built-in or integrated:

  1. 1
    Employee On-boarding
  2. 2
    Mobile Application
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Human Resources
  5. 5
    Quickbooks Integration
  6. 6
    Turbotax and H&R Block Integrations

Supplementary Services

These partners are integrated with the AccuPay ecosystem to make your life easier.

We DO NOT charge you to use these integrations. They are for your convenience, but you pay each provider for the services you use.

  1. 1
    Workers Compensation
  2. 2
    Background Screening
  3. 3
    Retirement Plans
  4. 4
    Insurance & Benefits

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

At AccuPay, we provide bookkeeping services for small businesses to ensure our clients were saving money on both payroll processing and bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping for small businesses must be done in a timely manner . All the data must be entered accurately, and reviewed before posting.

And that is what we are known for since 2006. We provide you with a certified bookkeeper and an accountant to support your business at all levels.

Why work with us?

Our affordable full-service payroll service and experience to help you save money and your sanity

Affordable, full-service payroll processing, compliance and advisory for your small business should be accessible to all small businesses. Count on AccuPay to be your partner if you are tired of crappy customer service or priced out by the large national payroll bureaus.

Our company is technologically progressive yet still traditional in how we conduct business.

  • FAST

Our system is very easy to use. So, whether self-processing or sending your hours to us, your payroll will be done fast.


Process payroll yourself or send it to us for a quick turn-around. We have a lot of flexibility including automating it.


You get a big bang for your buck by using AccuPay. Majority of our clients are former clients of ADP and Paychex.


Founded by CCH (Wolters Kluwer) in 1975, AccuPay continues the relentless pursuit of excellence and growth.

About Us

Our purpose is to provide affordable full-service payroll service to help small businesses running away from ADP and Paychex

AccuPay was established on the belief that payroll should be neither complicated nor cost an arm and a leg. We grew tired of seeing small businesses get locked into overpriced contracts which are designed to serve the large payroll bureaus rather than customer needs. 

And from the very beginning of our existence, we have and always will put our clients first before money. It is as a result of our great service and the satisfaction of our clients that we should make money. Our believe is that our success is as a result of our clients' success.

Our Approach

No pressure professional Service

Our company does not pressure prospective clients to sign up and we don't offer teaser rates either. Just straight up honest all-inclusive, affordable full-service payroll service for small businesses.

We believe in being a good fit for our clients before taking them on as a client. And therefore we operate on the notion that if we are not a perfect fit for your business we should not pretend to be just for the money. If we cannot meet your needs, we do not deserve to earn a penny from you.