Time & Attendance

Your employees should not have write their punches on a card or piece of paper. Nor should they use outdated punch technology. Our built in enterprise-grade timekeeping will make you the hero to your employees.

Modern Time & Attendance

Reduce Inefficiency & Errors

Easily create custom settings for notifications of approaching overtime pay, missed punches, or punches outside of geofenced areas. Quickly and accurately resolve time card objections to streamline time processing and eliminate costly payroll errors.

Enable Flexible Time Tracking

Handle multiple work environments—including physical and virtual time clocks—and track employee time entries across home offices, worksites, hybrid scenarios and more.

Ensure End-to-End Time Visibility

Collect and manage time tracking data within isolved People Cloud and across HR processes. Employees and managers collaborate on any device through the isolved Adaptive Employee Experience.

Time & attendance

Employee Time Punch

Employees can punch in via one of these input methods:

  1. Biometric clock - hardware installed in your office or shop
  2. Mobile device - tablet or smartphone, whether personal or installed at your premises
  3. Desktop computer - their regular workstation or one installed at your premises

Geo-fencing will ensure employee punch location is recorded to the employer to ascertain compliance

IP locking ensures access to the system only at designated locations.


Approve time off requests. Monitor attendance/punches, track paid time off, manage overtime and compensatory time, and receive notifications.


Eliminate time clock errors with geofencing—easily create map boundaries and limit employee punches to work locations within these boundaries.

Physical or Virtual Clock Options

Choose from multiple physical or virtual clock options for time collection—all accessible through the isolved Adaptive Employee Experience.

Occurence Tracking

As a tool to optimize employee performance and effectiveness, isolved Occurrence Tracking enables you to increase visibility on time and attendance patterns.

Provide managers with comprehensive insights into workforce attendance habits and improve communication between your HR team and employees.

Easily monitor employee occurrences and automate your corrective actions.

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