How Much Does Payroll Cost?

We believe in straight forward payroll pricing. We therefore highly advocate putting our prices out in the open for inspection and comparison by whoever has interest. We offer very competitive pricing for all our payroll processing services, tax filing and 1099 services,

Below is a tool to help you calculate exactly how much it will cost you to process payroll with us. Give us a call to discuss further if you have any questions.

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How Does AccuPay's Payroll Pricing Compare with Others?

A great payroll platform does not have to be costly. We believe in providing payroll processing services at affordable prices. Our services cost about half what the national service bureaus charge. Interestingly, we still beat them on customer service and ease of use.




Base Per Payroll Run




Cost Per Pay Check




Year End W2 Fees

$50 Plus 2.00/form

$50 Plus 2.00/form

$50 Plus 2.00/form

We know payroll processing fees can add up quickly and could be burdensome to small businesses. We have deliberately chosen to keep our pricing low to help small businesses. In comparison, ADP and Paychex charge at least double what we charge.

Our pricing has not changed in years and we plan on keeping it like that. Call us at (949) 202-0078 to set up your account and enjoy worry free low price payroll service. Defectors from other payroll bureaus get a FREE month to determine if AccuPay is the right move.