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August 29, 2018

Top Signs of Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

Top Signs of pregnancy-discrimination at work

There are some subtle, and not so subtle, signs of pregnancy discrimination at work. If you're pregnant, it's important to know that you have rights in the workplace. And those rights are protected by law. If you feel that you are the target of pregnancy discrimination, then now is a good time to get informed. Use this article as a guide to the top signs of pregnancy discrimination at work. 

You're pregnant. Congrats! 

But do you get the sense that your supervisor is far from thrilled? 

Has your manager made comments suggesting that they're concerned you won't be able to do the work required of you as you get further along in your pregnancy? 

Have your hours been cut back since you found out your were pregnant while other coworkers have not been subjected to similar cuts? 

What you might be witnessing may just be the signs of pregnancy discrimination at work. 

What does pregnancy discrimination look like?

Pregnancy discrimination involves viewing a female applicant or employee as unqualified for a position simply because she pregnant or intents to become pregnant.  

A woman can also experience pregnancy discrimination if is she has recently had a child or is experiencing a medical condition as a result of a pregnancy. 

There are a few signs of pregnancy discrimination at work to watch for: 

They include:

  • Being terminated shortly after informing your boss that you're expecting
  • Having work hours reduced months before your due date while other employees experience no such cuts. 
  • Your supervisor argues you're taking too much time off and threatens to fire you even though you've been using allotted sick days or PTO to attend doctors appointments.
  • Your employer denies antenatal care as part of your health care policy
  • After discovering you're pregnant, your boss no longer finds you qualified for a promotion even though they previously indicated you were. 
  • While on maternity leave,  your supervisor refuses to communicate with you and does not inform you of changes in the workplace. 
  • You discuss safety concerns in the workplace with your employer, but they are unwilling to make the necessary accommodations.  

Know your rights

The flip side to this issue is that you have rights. 

If you're witnessing signs of pregnancy discrimination at work, know that the Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects you. 

Under the act, pregnancy discrimination is seen as a form of gender discrimination. 

In essence, the act ensures that pregnant women are not treated any differently from other non-pregnant women in the workplace or men. 

So make sure you know your rights. 

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