File Exchange

Secure File & Document Exchange

Use this secure portal to send sensitive files to us.

Secure File & Document Exchange

We implemented our file exchange service to protect your data during transmission. This is because we take information security very seriously. Since most email services are not encrypted end to end, information can be intercepted as it travels through the world wide web.

We therefore use a secure file exchange service provided by sendthisfile. When a file is uploaded, this application encrypts data and sends notification to us. Then we download it the file.

Email service providers such as Gmail and Gmail for business have recently started to encrypt messages sent through their servers. But even so, we maintain our security policies of no use of email for sensitive information.

Secured by: SendThisFile

How to use File Exchange

To send your documents to AccuPay securely

  • ​Type your email address and a short message (include your name)
  • ​Upload your files by browsing to their location
  • ​Click SendThisFile at the bottom to send your files

Your files get encrypted and stored in our secure cloud server and we get notified to download your files.

Therefore, we do not email documents containing sensitive information such as social security numbers and bank information via email. Similarly, we do not want our clients sending us payroll documents containing information that is of interest to crooks. Use our secure file exchange service to send us any files and documents.