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Payroll Setup Forms

Payroll Resources
  • Payroll service agreement
  • Employer setup form
  • Form 8655 (efile Authorization)
  • Employee setup forms
  • Contractor (1099) setup forms
  • Direct deposit change form

Restaurant Payroll

Restaurant and tipped employee payroll guide

If you own or manage an establishment where employees receive tips, this guide is for you.

Download the free pdf and share generously.

Employer Training & Tutorials

Employer login

These tutorials are specially prepared for employers, CPAs (partners) and payroll administrators.

Avoid the guesswork. Learn at your own pace and time.

Employee Tutorials

Employee login page

We don't like to assume that our system is as easy as we find it. We use it every day and we know it very well.

These tutorials will help you find what you are looking for fast.

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