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​AccuPay Systems

AccuPay Systems provides full service payroll, payroll tax filing and 1099 services to small businesses and CPA firms. We also help large organizations file large volumes of 1099s. AccuPay Systems believes in providing competitive payroll processing services and excellent customer service, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

AccuPay Systems was established in the in the 1980s by CCH as payroll tax filing engine. Our initial scope was to serve CPA firms and small independent payroll processors.
As part of restructuring our company was spun off in 1992. It was then sold to two of CCH's employees to become what we call AccuPay Systems today.
Today we continue to serve customers who joined us when we first started, as well as our new customers, who take advantage of our full-service payroll, payroll tax filing and 1099 services. Our focus is small businesses and CPA firms. We also help large organizations file large volumes of 1099s.

Payroll Tax Returns & 1099 Filing

Since 1992, we have been providing payroll tax filing and 1099 services. Our target market segment is accounting firms (CPAs), payroll professionals and small businesses. You probably know and use After-The-Fact payroll. to mean payroll tax filing. They mean the same thing.

After-the-fact payroll includes quarter-end and year-end return filing. We also provide payroll tax return corrections. This includes tax returns which were filed through other payroll bureaus. We file W-2s and 1099 reports electronically for FREE.

We have two main alternatives for data input:

Data Sheets: These are input forms to provide us with payroll and 1099 data for processing

FREE WinRX software to transmit data directly to our servers for processing

You can also use excel to prepare W-2s and 1099s and then submit to us for processing. We offer print-and-ship services for your returns and forms but most clients use our self service Printback to save money and time.

California Payroll Services

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Payroll Processing Setup

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Send Documents Securely

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Printback For Payroll returns

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AccuPay Systems Full Service Payroll

Over the years we have seen a lot of advancement in technology and the demand for live, flexible payroll systems. Such systems are capable of handling sophisticated payroll requirements. Furthermore, we can easily integrate with other essential technologies to provide direct deposit, tax liability payments and tax return filing.

When we acquired AccuPay Systems in 2012 we merged the operations of an older existing payroll company (founded in 2006) into AccuPay. This marked the beginning of our full service payroll offering as a service. We serve businesses up to 150 employees.

Private Branding

​We offer private branding of our cloud payroll application for Banks, Insurance Agencies, Accounting & Payroll Professionals. Our aggressive pricing and system scalability allows our clients to run profitable payroll businesses without the overheads. ​

The Years Ahead

​We are very committed to serving the after-the-fact community for the long term. Therefore, we have over the years continued to improve and perfect our software and skills in this niche. This is why we are the largest payroll tax filing provider in California for CPA firms.

Most of our after-the-fact clients have been with us since the early 1990s. We have therefore grown and evolved together following the path technology. Also, our clients continue to give us valuable feedback so that we can continue improving. As a result, we derive a lot of pleasure in knowing that we have such loyal clients. Additionally, this motivates us to keep getting better at what we do.

We have come to the conclusion that there is still lots of growth opportunities in the live payroll space. For this reason, our team keeps up with the latest technology, which in return helps us remain competitive and keep our our clients happy.

We are committed listening to our clients about our services and suggestions. This helps us to provide better services and software platform improvements on a continuous relentless basis. Ultimately, our success is hinged entirely on our clients' and partners' success.

Let us know how we can make your experience better, how we can support your business for long term success.