Commercial (Regular) Businesses

Any type of business, small or large, for profit or not can enjoy our payroll and HR services and all the other services we offer.

We understand that the market is wide, and so is the range of service requirements. Additionally, we also understand the wide range of system requirements.

AccuPay caters to in a way not many other providers can. We understand the complexities of the different industries and therefore take our time to stay ahead of the knowledge curve. 

Top Notch Service & Great Platform

A great payroll & HR company must have great service and a robust full-featured platform. At AccuPay, we have both.

We therefore utilize the enterprise-grade iSolved platform to deliver our services. We provide you with 3 processing options: 

  1. Automated processing (ideal for payrolls that remain the same for a long time) such as salaries or fixed number of hours.
  2. Self-Service. We provide full, unlimited training and support as long as you need it. 
  3. Fully Outsourced to AccuPay. We do everything for you and you get your reports online.


  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Services
  • Professional Services
  • Quick Service
  • Non-for-Profit Organizations such as churches
  • Agricultural
  • Domestic


1. Small Businesses (1 to 49 Employees)

Our systems understands your needs and grows when you do. 

We’re here to help you manage every part of your business, with a platform that can help you recruit, manage, and retain those key employees that make all the difference to you and your customers.

2. Medium-Sized Businesses (49 to 499 Employees)

We’re here to help you manage every part of your business, with a platform that helps you be smarter, data-driven, and able to more easily recruit and retain the best.

3. Large Enterprises

To remain viable and competitive, large businesses must embrace opportunities to rethink old ways of hiring, employee engagement and how business is done. 

Public (Government) Entities

Point of Contact

Address: 27555 Ynez Rd. Suite 210 Temecula, CA 92591 


Contact Person: Felix Mwania

Phone: (949) 202-0078

NAICS: 541214

DUNS: 038975655


Entities We Serve

  • Federal departments such as Defense, Commerce, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Homeland Security, etc.
  • States departments (all 50 states). 
  • County government entities such as Elections Departments
  • Cities and local government entities
  • School districts and University Systems.

Public entities bring both interesting challenges and ease at the same time. Some public entities only require one or two major services such as Payroll while others require a long list of services and features.

We are privileged to have have a great platform and tools to meet any demand, and the team to carter to such. Our experience plays an very important role in our ability to exceed expectations, even as a small business competing with national service bureaus.

Size: Any

Sector/Department: Any

Why Choose AccuPay

  1. Streamlined payroll services
  2. Integrated single database timekeeping and scheduling
  3. Federal & State Tax services
  4. Talent Acquisition/Application Tracking Service
  5. Talent & Workforce Management
  6. Intelligent Reporting + Special custom reports
  7. 360/180 API integration with ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Financials, Workday
  8. Custom Integrations and specialized data feeds
  9. GL Integration with your choice of accounting platform
  10. Benefits integration with your provider of choice
  11. Integration with your choice of retirement plan administrator
  12. Salary grade and position management
  13. Azure Cloud hosting and high data security and recovery
  14. Third-Party assessments and audits: SOC I, SOC II, SOC III, ISO 2000-1, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 9001, HiTRUST CSF v9.2, MTCS CSP, BSI 22301
  15. SSO and MFA authentication
  16. Full ACA compliance
  17. E-Verify and built-in pre-employment screening

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