Election Workers Payroll Service

Third-Party Administrator Services for Election Workers Payroll with Banking & Reconciliation Services

Elections Workers (AKA Poll Workers) are not your regular employees, and paying them can be complicated if you don't have the right payroll system in place. At AccuPay, we have a system specifically designed to calculate and pay Election Workers accurately, taking into consideration the FICA exemption rules and limits stipulated by the IRS.

Hiring & Onboarding Platform

We work smart to help County Elections offices and departments to manage their recruitment, onboarding and paying their Election Workers quickly with ease and efficiency. Our offering includes:

  • Recruitment platform for election workers
  • Onboarding of election workers
  • Pre-configured election workers data import
  • Offboarding for inactive/retired elections workers
  • Self-service portal for your election workers to maintain their profiles
  • Database management for your election workers

Payroll Processing

  • Pre-configured payroll data import
  • Streamlined and expedited payroll processing
  • Proper calculation of FICA when earnings exceed the annual IRS-mandated threshold for FICA to apply
  • Supplemental and corrections payroll services
  • Mass communication and messaging with election workers through our platform

Post Payroll Processing

  • Election workers are paid quickly via
  • Direct deposit
  • Pay cards (direct deposit) or
  • Live checks
  • Banking & reconciliation services provided
  • W2s printing, mailing, and e-filing with SSA of Election workers' W2s
  • Remittance of Federal and State taxes where applicable
  • Availability of pay stubs in self-service portal (optional) + ability to update own information and direct deposit details

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Easy compliance with the strict IRS regulations on FICA calculation, withholding, and reporting
  • Quick processing of payments will make your election workers really happy.
  • We provide the baking (Third Party Admin) and the reconciliation. This will save your department hundreds of hours and dollars
  • Direct deposits, pay cards, and mailing of live checks and pay stubs directly to your election workers will save you lots of money, time and give peace unspoken
  • We print and mail W2s directly and e-file them with the  SSA
  • Optional self-service portal and our dedicated elections payroll customer service department will save your department hundreds of hours.
  • We provide your unlimited support to your Elections Department
  • These benefits increase your retention of election workers year after year

IRS Guide on Election Workers Reporting and Withholding

Each election year, thousands of state and local government entities hire workers to conduct primary and general elections. To understand the correct tax treatment of these workers, you need to be aware of specific statutes that apply to them as well as whether they are covered by a Section 218 Agreement.

Read the IRS guide below

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