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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance: A New Perspective

Work Life Balance: A New Perspective Reading the comments in the business press, finding the elusive Work Life Balance seems less likely than catching Bigfoot singing Elvis Presley songs at karaoke. ​But is it really that far-fetched? Taking a closer look sheds some light on what work-life balance really is, and how it might be done.​Work […]

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five estate planning must haves

Five ways to protect what is yours

Five Estate Planning must haves No one likes to think about death. Why spend time preparing for something you have no control over, right? Not so fast. Sure, we’re powerless to control when our time comes.  But we can effect what happens to our assets after we’re gone. Remember, death doesn’t just have an emotional toll on those we love, but a […]

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Retirement plans

Best Alternatives to 401(k)

Retirement Plans: Best Alternatives to a 401(k)In most companies, the standard and most common of all retirement plans is the 401(k) Plan. But not every company, especially small companies, freelancers and self employed persons have access or the resources to offer a 401(k) plan. In fact, statistics show that 31% of the US households do not […]

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