Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

At AccuPay, we provide bookkeeping services for small businesses to ensure our clients were saving money on both payroll processing and bookkeeping. Bookkeeping for small businesses must be done in a timely manner . All the data must be entered accurately, and reviewed before posting.

And that is what we are known for since 2006. We provide you with a certified bookkeeper and an accountant to support your business at all levels.

Bookkeeping services for small businesses
  • Full Charge

  • After-the-Fact

  • Catch Up

Full Charge Bookkeeping

AccuPay handles the day-to-day operations of the business and handles the books. This is like having AccuPay run your finance department with advantages of low cost and efficiency.

  • QuickBooks Set-up – If you are a new business, we help with initial set-up of QuickBooks Online in order to set the stage for a successful bookkeeping engagement.
  • Banking, credit cards, loans, investment and merchant account reconciliations; PayPal, Veem, Amazon, Stripe, Square and Shopify. We record all transactions from these sources into QuickBooks so that your business has a firm grasp on current cash positions.
  • Accounts Payable –When the bills come in, we organize and record them in preparation for a payment run. Your dedicated bookkeeper will then process payments to your vendors via your bank’s bill pay feature. We can also pay your invoices via, making your life and cash flow easier to manage.
  • Accounts Receivable – Your assigned bookkeeper will manage all of your invoicing and customer interactions so that you get paid on time for your work. Our job is to shorten your cash cycle and provide exceptional customer service.
  • Payroll – We will process your payroll using our in-house payroll platform. We can also process it using a third-party bureau if you prefer not to use our payroll system. We also book the payroll journal accordingly.
  • Tracking and allocations – We perform job costing, department and class tracking, location tracking, tracking income and customer deposits
  • Sales and use tax preparation, filing and payments
  • Worker’s Compensation administration and audits
  • Year-End Tax Filings – We file your 1099s and 1096 and all other filings that must be done annually.
  • Financial Reporting – Financial management reporting, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting.

Why AccuPay for your bookkeeping services for small businesses

  • Create more time to focus on your business while we deal with the nitty gritty numbers.
  • Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeping is in the hands of an expert
  • For our full-charge bookkeeping clients, your books are always up-to-date. For our after-the-fact clients, your books are updated as soon as we have your records.
  • Your catch-up books are done fast and affordably
  • We prepare clean financial statements every month, and at the end of the year, your CPA or tax professional receives a set of reports that will expedite the tax filing processing. This will save you time and money
  • Our bookkeepers will provide your business with unmetered support. We consistently check in with you, schedule calls for reviews and provide clean books for your internal use and your CPA and other compliance use cases.
  • Accuracy is a HUGE priority for us. We ensure transactions are booked accurately. Accuracy breeds clean reports, a happy accountant and a true financial picture, hence better decisions.
  • Proper financial statements and reports. Whether it is loan applications, tax preparation or even audits, proper financial reports are the key to staying ahead of the competition.
  • Real-time cash flows and financial snapshot at any moment. Nothing else beats this level of satisfaction.
  • With detailed expense tracking, you get clear insights to help you pay attention on what matters.

How our bookkeeping services for small businesses works

Set Up


First, we get on a call with an accountant and your dedicated bookkeeper for introductions and other housekeeping tasks. They get a chance to know your business and you get to know who you will be working with. We also get a chance to discuss everything we need to get started.



Depending on your company needs, we perform bookkeeping daily, weekly or even monthly. We enter or import all transactions, and classify everything accordingly. We send you questions by email or ask for a meeting if necessary to help us classify your transactions correctly.



On a monthly basis, usually before the 7th of the following month, we provide you with all the relevant financial statements for your review. You let us know if you have questions, and plan for a call if necessary. At tax time, we send you all the reports you would need to file your taxes.

Partnership with Tax Professionals

We work very closely with CPA firms and tax accountants who only focus on tax planning and tax preparation. As your partner, our bookkeeping services for small businesses will offer your clients unparalleled value. You get clean financials that you can rely on for tax and financial planning and to prepare your clients’ tax returns.

Partner with AccuPay - the affordable, professional bookkeeping solution for your small business clients.

Why partner with AccuPay?

Clean and, perfectly ready financial statements to help you perform tax planning and tax planning in no time. This will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Get your clients’ relevant reports any time you need them. Work with our professional bookkeepers to meet deadlines without the last-minute rush

Keep your clients happy, grow your practice. This kind of collaboration is a win-win-win. You get clean, reliable reports, your client get’s taxes filed on time, and AccuPay bookkeepers get to have a job to support their families.

How we partner with you

Tell us your preferences

As your dedicated partner, you tell us how you would like us to relate to you and your clients. Some CPAs and accountants like to have some control while others only care to have clean books and financial reports.

Whichever method that works for your bookkeeping for small businesses, we will tailor our services and communication channels to meet your style.


Our bookkeepers will bring our professionalism and ethical demeanor to the table. Your clients enjoy everything outlined in our service description above.

We guarantee a great experience, accurate financial statements and other reports or your money back. To work with us, we do not require contractual commitments other than your help.

We Take Over

Option 1: Direct interaction 
We can work with your clients directly to complete their books.. You can get financial reports and communicate and work directly with our bookkeepers any time.

Option 2: Interaction with you
Instead of us communicating with your clients, we get everything from you and your office. You communicate with your clients. 

Financial Reports

Whether your clients’ financial years are fiscal or calendar, AccuPay delivers beyond your expectations.

Your dedicated bookkeeper at AccuPay will provide all the necessary financial reports to you. Such would include but not limited to income statements, balance sheets, depreciation schedules and whatever else you need to file your clients’ tax returns.

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